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Design A Life You Love With Lightyear!

Welcome to Lightyear Leadership!

Are you yearning for absolute clarity in your life's purpose? Do you find yourself uncertain about how to establish goals that will propel you towards your desired destination? It's time to embark on a transformative journey and give yourself the ultimate UPGRADE.Β 

Our carefully crafted courses are designed to break through any barriers holding you back and empower you to take charge of your own life. Whether you're feeling stuck or simply seeking a path to personal growth, our courses offer a roadmap to success

Take a little, or a lot!

With Lightyear Leadership, you have the flexibility to take our courses in any order that suits your schedule and individual needs. Each course stands alone as a powerful resource, providing immediate value.

However, if you're ready for a truly life-altering experience, we recommend taking the courses in sequence, allowing the knowledge and insights to build upon one another, providing compounded value and unparalleled opportunities for personal transformation. All live sessions are recorded for later viewing.Β 

Take the first step towards unlocking your potential and becoming the leader of your own life. Join us at Lightyear Leadership and let the journey begin.

Bundle & Save

Supercharge your transformation by enrolling in our exclusive bundle of all three core programs and unlock incredible savings

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Build the way you want

Level 1: Vision + Goals
Learn the foundational principles to writing your life vision and setting goals true to your soul.

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Build the way you want

Level 2: Integrated Leadership
Take your leadership to the next level with a toolkit designed to integrate success into your goals and projects.

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Build the way you want

Level 3: Whole Prosperity
Transform your relationship to time, money, and the people in your life.

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Build the way you want

3-Course Bundle

Supercharge your transformation by enrolling in our exclusive bundle of all three core programs and unlock incredible savings!

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Seize the reins of your destiny and embark on a transformative journey with Level 1: Vision + Goals, the cornerstone of Lightyear's empowering courses. Equip yourself with indispensable self-development tools that will enable you to not only envision, but actively design and shape the life you've always longed for.

Immerse yourself in this immersive course, where powerful live sessions and engaging multimedia assignments work in harmony to propel you towards your goals and ensure unwavering focus.

By investing in your personal growth and embracing this transformative experience, you will unlock a vast realm of possibilities for self-discovery, expansion, and fulfillment.

It's time to take charge, invest in yourself, and pave the way for a future brimming with untapped potential.Β 

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Elevate your communication skills and unlock the power of effective collaboration. Working with others can be challenging, often resulting in misaligned goals and wasted efforts.

Integrated Leadership is the transformative course that equips you with the essential tools to upgrade your communication prowess, enabling you to achieve greater productivity and success with your team, family, or partner in record time.

Whether you aspire to relocate your family, launch a groundbreaking initiative at work, or embark on your entrepreneurial journey, Integrated Leadership is your ultimate starting point for realizing your ambitions.

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Embark on a transformative journey with Whole Prosperity as we delve into the intricate connection between money and relationships in our lives.

This enlightening course invites us to make conscious choices about our identities and how we cultivate and amplify both wealth and connections in the world.

By exploring the multifaceted nature of "currency" in various forms such as money, relationships, vision, goals, and the environment, Whole Prosperity offers a comprehensive exploration of holistic abundance.

Upon completion of this series, participants will emerge with a profound sense of self-worth and a deep understanding of value exchange, fostering harmonious relationships with oneself, others, and the planet.Β 

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Book a free discovery call with a Lightyear Faculty Coach to learn more about our programs, discuss a particular tool or concept, or get clear on how to implement Lightyear Leadership in your business or organization!

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Refunds/Cancellations Policy

Take note of our cancellation policy for your convenience. If you cancel your enrollment before theΒ start date, you will be eligible for a full refund. However, please be aware that cancellations made on or after the course start dateΒ will not be eligible for a refund. You will retain access to course materials for completion at a self-led pace.

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